The Only Anchorage Tour Guides Offering Food-Centered Experiences

Founded by brothers, Dan and Chris Morris, Alaskan Footprints is the only food-centered tour operator in Anchorage.

While all our tours have a focus on food, we’re far more than a food tour company. Our incredible sightseeing and wildlife excursions in Anchorage and the surrounding areas are truly immersive experiences that engage all the senses. From the tasty bites we eat to the sights, sounds, and smells of the pristine Alaskan wilderness, we help you explore our home state like a local.

Our Anchorage tour guides are also gifted storytellers. We love telling tales about the interesting characters from Alaska’s history, as well as amusing personal anecdotes of growing up here. Whichever tours you join us for, you’ll leave us with a deeper knowledge and appreciation for this unique place.

As two world travelers ourselves, we fondly remember our time on the road; the exhilaration of visiting one-of-a-kind places, tasting unique food, and meeting extraordinary people. It was our penchant for travel that inspired us to create our own tour company. We wanted to share our home state of Alaska with visitors —  its distinctive culture, natural beauty, and delicious cuisine. As born and raised Alaskans, we are uniquely placed to introduce you to the 49th state’s legendary first-rate hospitality.

We are passionate about showing our guests the local side of Anchorage, which means you’ll taste locally-sourced fare at our favorite establishments and see lesser-known sites. And since our mother raised us right, we’ll make sure you leave with your belly full, too!

We take pride in sharing our home with all guests on our tours, no matter their race, color, religion, nationality, or sex (including gender identity or sexual orientation). Our mission is to provide fun, insightful, and inclusive experiences and share the fascinating history, culture, and cuisine of the place we call home — the Land of the Midnight Sun.

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